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2012 Digital Trends for Medical Marketing (Sales and iPads too)


I found this data-packed slideshow on Twitter, thanks to @IQLab and @Berci. While the entire SlideShare presentation is powerful, check out slides 30+ for detailed data on sales representatives and iPads. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary for FDA Bad Ad


In November 2010 we reported on the FDA’s Bad Ad Program, which asks physicians to anonymously report misleading advertising and off-label promotion by pharmaceutical sales representatives. Last March, Doctor Directory, a leading market service company for the healthcare industry, conducted a survey to measure physicians’ attitudes toward the initiative. 90% of over 1,000 practicing physicians said that they would be at least “somewhat likely” to report questionable behavior. Now, just in time for the 1st anniversary of the Bad Ad Program, the FDA has released their results of the measure thus far. Continue reading

2 Minutes to Win It (or Lose 50% of Video Viewers)


Did you know that only 75% will finish watching a one-minute video? And, by two minutes, 50% of your viewers have stopped watching.

Wistia mined the viewing data around the thousands of business videos they host in the cloud to discover this intriguing data and more. Here are some of their findings around viewership over time: Continue reading

9 Notable Insights from AMEX and Putnam on Social Media & Reputation


Do you know what “astroturfing” is? If not, read on to learn nine (9) notable insights I gleaned from an esteemed panel at Dow Jones Compliance Symposium discussing how to protect your company’s reputation on the social network:

From Mark Bisard, American Express:

1. Require legal counsel employees to get social media accounts so they are credible advisors.

2. Take the time to develop a comprehensive, collaborative social media policy that combines disparate policies spread across geographies. For example, It took AMEX a year and a half to work with all the right stakeholders to develop a great policy.

3. “Disclose and Disclaim”: Disclose who you work for and disclaim that your views are your own anytime you mention anything remotely related to the company. Continue reading

Where Do You See Your Marketing Department in Five Years?

Author: Stacey Homan

I’m always surprised at the number of people I meet in industry who don’t have an answer to that question.  I know it’s a hard question to answer.  In this economy, it’s hard to know where you will be in three months let alone five years.  But, there should still be a road map, some guide to follow for the people, positions and projects that will be needed in the upcoming years. Continue reading