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AAA Marketing–Don’t Assume Your Customer is Stupid [unGPP Case Study]


At least once a week, and sometimes daily, I run across the undoubtedly well-intended efforts of marketing people who need an education in transparency, how their product is used and who their target market is. This is the first in a series of unGPP, where I will present and dissect these real-life examples. Many will be outside the highly regulated sphere of pharma and medical devices as these may be good, non-threatening examples for internal discussion. Continue reading

Stop Making Sense: Aggregate Spend Reporting

Guest Author: Jeff Gaus, Prolifiq

Disclosure: Prolifiq is a sponsor of goodpromotionalpractices.com

I spent two days in Chicago at the Q1 Productions Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Sales & Marketing Compliance seminar; approximately 80 senior executives of the who’s who in life sciences regulatory compliance participated.

My biggest take away from the professional industry presentations has to do with Aggregate Spend Reporting. This Federal legislation, while well-intentioned and clearly designed to remove “commercial incentives” from influencing clinical decisions made by physicians and healthcare organizations, has created mind-boggling requirements on the entire life sciences industry.

The relationship between life sciences companies and healthcare providers is complex. Healthcare providers can simultaneously be development collaborators, agents, and customers. Continue reading

Compliance: Cost or Opportunity?


At the Dow Jones Global Compliance Symposium, Georg Kell, Executive Director, UN Global Compact,  spoke about Stamping Out Corruption: The Role That Corporations Can Play.

He suggests taking a two-pronged approach to compliance and anti-corruption: Continue reading

Suing Your Clinical Investigator


Correction to original post issued 10:35am ET 03/29/11

This may be a first.  A cardiovascular medical device company has sued one of their clinical investigators for defamation.The accusations appear to be centered around procedural errors/complications that are causative of the clinical complications found in the study. Continue reading

Who Pays for Doctors to Learn New Medical Devices?

Author: Sean McCarthy

One of the best tools in the sales reps’ bag is the physician training course brochure, right? Send a surgeon to a course on the latest technique for valve surgery or minimally invasive approaches. Along the way the physician is taught by another surgeon, a colleague, the proper techniques on how to use the technology.  While there, they cross-pollinate with other attendees on new tips and techniques while likely enduring a little company marketing along the way. The result, usually, is that the surgeon returns to do the procedure in the typical “see one, do one, teach one” routine that is commonplace and uses your new device resulting in new revenues for the company. Said company now invests some of these revenues into new products with the help of many of the same surgeons that teach or attend the courses and the cycle repeats thus allowing the patient to continually benefit from the latest advances. It is a nice synergy and seemingly everyone benefits. Continue reading