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Build a Strong Ethical Sales Culture in 4 Steps

Originally published in PharmaPhorum

Ethics is a broad field dominated by brilliant minds in academic institutions. We are all strapped for time and are constantly bombarded by information. How do you do the right thing? Continue reading

Live Monitoring of Speaker Programs: Expert How-Tos


It is a tortuous path for pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies to produce industry-sponsored speaker programs that are up to ethical and legal guidelines. In recent CIAs, training and promotional review of slide presentations are no longer enough. Live monitoring is required.

Dan Koerner does a great job summarizing which companies are required Continue reading

Unsolicited Off-Label Discussion Permissible in Industry-Sponsored Speaker Programs


I was a bit gobsmacked when I read this post by John Flider at Hyman, Phelps, & McNamara.

Based on a recent legal case, he states,

“…a company pays a physician to provide an educational presentation to doctors, the manufacturer is subject to criminal prosecution if that physician affirmatively discusses the off-label use, but the same manufacturer will not be subject to prosecution Continue reading

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Streamlined Sales Force

Originally published in PharmaPhorum

50,000 jobs were cut by pharma in 2010, and in July 2011, “Thanks to Merck, pharma’s July job cuts outpaced layoffs announced in every other industry, Challenger, Gray & Christmas reports. The drug business accounted for 13,493 announced cuts – and 13,000 of that was Merck”, according to FiercePharma. Dire reports of “soon robots and drones will rule” in the comments fueled the raging flames.

Pharma reps are trying to cover more territory with less money while driving more written prescriptions. Lacking a fairy godmother or a magic wand, what can you do? As a sales manager or a marketing manager, how can you accomplish more with less pharmaceutical sales reps? There are no easy answers, but here are five steps for forward motion towards that goal:
Continue reading

Regulatory and Marketing Symbiosis from Concept to Commercialization (SLIDES)


Recently two Good Promotional Practices’ bloggers, Elsa and I, gave a live webinar for the Regulatory Affairs Professionals’ Society (RAPS), Regulatory and Marketing Symbiosis from Concept to Commercialization: A Good Promotional Practice. It was a fascinating topic to be invited to speak on and fun to create and present. There was much interaction during the webinar, so we would love to hear your input and questions as well. Here are the slides: Continue reading