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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Off-Label Sales Compliance

Originally published in PharmaPhorum


Off-label sales compliance is difficult. There is subtlety to staying on message. Pharma sales representatives are highly mobile and verbal. Compliance and regulatory departments love paper to convey messages because they can match them up to corresponding policies. This makes the marriage of the two functions challenging. Continue reading

4 Reasons the iPad is a Sales Rep’s Best Friend

Originally published in PharmaPhorum

iPads are vaulting ahead in pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The WSJ Health Blog recently noted that it was becoming an “iPad arms race” in medical devices. Here are just a few reported iPad purchasing statistics to put this in context:

  • Abbott (drugs), 1000 iPads
  • Medtronic, 6000 iPads
  • Stryker, 2000 iPads
  • Zimmer, 1000 iPads

In my Prolifiq life, I have recently spoken with a number of pharma and device companies not listed here who have already purchased and have / will be implementing thousands of iPads in sales and marketing. So, if there are tens of thousands of iPads circulating in pharma and medical device companies today, why is an iPad a sales rep’s best friend? There are four reasons:

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Are Digital and Multi-channel Marketing Different?

Guest Author: Jeff Gaus, Prolifiq

Originally published in PharmaPhorum
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Digital Pharma West – as the name implies – was all about digital media’s role in pharma. I was on one panel that specifically dealt with the question: “Are digital and multi-channel marketing now one and the same?” The definitive conclusion of the panelists: no. Digital is a toolset that underpins and supports all marketing efforts. Multi-channel marketing is about the right message, to the right person, at the right place at the right time. Digital appeals because it is cost-effective, allows “fail-fast” iterations, and is highly measurable.  Continue reading

A-to-Z Sales Guide for Engaging Elusive Physicians


We are now in a new sales quarter; time to make something big happen. Plus, if you are at your yearly halfway mark, there is still time to hit that yearly bonus. You know there’s still time to build on your early successes, but where to begin? Here’s one idea in three easy steps:

The Idea: Go to your calendar now and give yourself three, 20-minute appointments for next week. You are going to use this time reflect on and re-energize your sales routine.

The Three Easy Steps Continue reading