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AAA Marketing–Don’t Assume Your Customer is Stupid [unGPP Case Study]


At least once a week, and sometimes daily, I run across the undoubtedly well-intended efforts of marketing people who need an education in transparency, how their product is used and who their target market is. This is the first in a series of unGPP, where I will present and dissect these real-life examples. Many will be outside the highly regulated sphere of pharma and medical devices as these may be good, non-threatening examples for internal discussion. Continue reading

4 Reasons the iPad is a Sales Rep’s Best Friend

Originally published in PharmaPhorum

iPads are vaulting ahead in pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The WSJ Health Blog recently noted that it was becoming an “iPad arms race” in medical devices. Here are just a few reported iPad purchasing statistics to put this in context:

  • Abbott (drugs), 1000 iPads
  • Medtronic, 6000 iPads
  • Stryker, 2000 iPads
  • Zimmer, 1000 iPads

In my Prolifiq life, I have recently spoken with a number of pharma and device companies not listed here who have already purchased and have / will be implementing thousands of iPads in sales and marketing. So, if there are tens of thousands of iPads circulating in pharma and medical device companies today, why is an iPad a sales rep’s best friend? There are four reasons:

Continue reading

Regulatory and Marketing Symbiosis from Concept to Commercialization (SLIDES)


Recently two Good Promotional Practices’ bloggers, Elsa and I, gave a live webinar for the Regulatory Affairs Professionals’ Society (RAPS), Regulatory and Marketing Symbiosis from Concept to Commercialization: A Good Promotional Practice. It was a fascinating topic to be invited to speak on and fun to create and present. There was much interaction during the webinar, so we would love to hear your input and questions as well. Here are the slides: Continue reading

7 New Insights to Preventing Off-Label Sales Promotion


I was invited to present at a recent meeting of the AdvaMed Emerging Growth Company Council. My presentation on “Preventing Off-Label Sales Promotion” generated much interesting discussion. One passionate individual debated that sales people were not to blame and that they were simply at the receiving end of internal strategies and dictates. While studies support that corporate strategies were to blame in the past, lawyers think that is becoming more rare, especially in pharma.

View the slides of my presentation here and share your thoughts:

Key Questions

  • Do you think sales is simply an easy target for government investigators pursuing illegal off-label activity?
  • Or, do you think sales is still on the receiving end of bad direction? Is the same true in pharma and medical devices or is it different?

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Is the iPad Driving Laptop Extinction? [Survey]


In a recent survey, Silicon Alley Insider asked 855 iPad users which computing device they primarily use for “personal computing.” The #1 choice was the iPad at 37%–a full 10 percentage points ahead of laptops at the #2 position. The results were featured in the following SAI chart of the day: Continue reading