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5 Tips to Ensure Compliant Written Communication


In my last post, I shared that at the beginning of 2011, there were 885 healthcare qui tam cases under investigation. 180 of those cases allege that some pharmaceutical and device manufacturers are committing fraud in connection with the pricing and marketing of their products. Each of these investigations may require the manufacturers involved to divulge their emails and internal business communications to the Department of Justice. Continue reading

Off-Label Whistleblower Suits: Slower and Subtler

Author: Mary Holloway

Although the news of pharmaceutical and medical device settlements in 2010 would lead you to believe otherwise, the rate of new qui tam filings has slowed and the accusations are focused more on subtle versus blatant violations according to an article in the Rx Compliance Report. This is a good sign for an industry that has been working hard trying to revise its marketing practices and eliminate off-label promotion. Continue reading