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2012 Digital Trends for Medical Marketing (Sales and iPads too)


I found this data-packed slideshow on Twitter, thanks to @IQLab and @Berci. While the entire SlideShare presentation is powerful, check out slides 30+ for detailed data on sales representatives and iPads. Continue reading

Build a Strong Ethical Sales Culture in 4 Steps

Originally published in PharmaPhorum

Ethics is a broad field dominated by brilliant minds in academic institutions. We are all strapped for time and are constantly bombarded by information. How do you do the right thing? Continue reading

New Lawsuit Chips Away at FDA’s Unwritten Off-Label Rules


Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. filed suit on October 14, 2011 to curtail prosecutions for off-label promotion based solely upon the physician specialties to which pharmaceutical manufacturers market their products.  In short, Par wants to promote its AIDS-related wasting drug, Megace ES®, for on-label uses but to physician specialties in long-term care and oncology settings that would likely use it predominantly for off-label indications.

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AAA Marketing–Don’t Assume Your Customer is Stupid [unGPP Case Study]


At least once a week, and sometimes daily, I run across the undoubtedly well-intended efforts of marketing people who need an education in transparency, how their product is used and who their target market is. This is the first in a series of unGPP, where I will present and dissect these real-life examples. Many will be outside the highly regulated sphere of pharma and medical devices as these may be good, non-threatening examples for internal discussion. Continue reading

Are Digital and Multi-channel Marketing Different?

Guest Author: Jeff Gaus, Prolifiq

Originally published in PharmaPhorum
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Digital Pharma West – as the name implies – was all about digital media’s role in pharma. I was on one panel that specifically dealt with the question: “Are digital and multi-channel marketing now one and the same?” The definitive conclusion of the panelists: no. Digital is a toolset that underpins and supports all marketing efforts. Multi-channel marketing is about the right message, to the right person, at the right place at the right time. Digital appeals because it is cost-effective, allows “fail-fast” iterations, and is highly measurable.  Continue reading