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A-to-Z Sales Guide for Engaging Elusive Physicians


We are now in a new sales quarter; time to make something big happen. Plus, if you are at your yearly halfway mark, there is still time to hit that yearly bonus. You know there’s still time to build on your early successes, but where to begin? Here’s one idea in three easy steps:

The Idea: Go to your calendar now and give yourself three, 20-minute appointments for next week. You are going to use this time reflect on and re-energize your sales routine.

The Three Easy Steps Continue reading

Reporting and Abuse of FDA Bad Ad: Survey of 1000 Doctors


Back in November, we discussed the FDA’s Bad Ad Program, which asks physicians to anonymously report misleading advertising and off-label promotion by pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Now, ten months after the launch of the Bad Ad Program, Doctor Directory, a leading market service company for the healthcare industry, has conducted a survey of physician’s attitudes toward the initiative. Continue reading