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70% of Hospitals to Deploy iPads in 2011

Author: Stacey Homan

It’s no surprise to those of us in Marketing that the iPad is rapidly making inroads within the medical community with 70% of hospitals planning on deploying iPads in their institutions in 2011.  Being able to carry around a small, lightweight, battery-operated computer which can access patient information quickly with instant-on is a natural fit for physicians and hospitals. Continue reading

iPads for Sales: Take Action or Watchful Waiting?

Author: Stacey Homan

Will the iPad kickstart a pharma sales and marketing revolution?” popped up on my twitter feed recently. A few key facts from this excellent post:

  • US healthcare professionals are the fastest area of iPad uptake.
  • 1 in 5 physicians plan on purchasing an iPad within the first year of the device on the market.
  • 35% of Proscape’s medical device and pharma clients are already using iPads. Continue reading