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4 Best Practices for Patient Education Materials


So, what do best practices for patient education materials have to do with Good Promotional Practices, or GPP? Plenty. GPP is all about transparency, communication and disclosure to our ultimate customer, the patient. Objective and meaningful patient education is a win for patients, a must for manufacturers, and critical to stemming the flow of medical malpractice suits. If you are  involved in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or medical devices (medtech), in healthcare as a nurse practitioner or other healthcare practitioner (HCP) or as a vendor touching patients, like a clinical research organization (CRO),  here are four best practices for you to improve your patient education materials and help patients make the best medical decisions: Continue reading

Who Pays for Doctors to Learn New Medical Devices?

Author: Sean McCarthy

One of the best tools in the sales reps’ bag is the physician training course brochure, right? Send a surgeon to a course on the latest technique for valve surgery or minimally invasive approaches. Along the way the physician is taught by another surgeon, a colleague, the proper techniques on how to use the technology.  While there, they cross-pollinate with other attendees on new tips and techniques while likely enduring a little company marketing along the way. The result, usually, is that the surgeon returns to do the procedure in the typical “see one, do one, teach one” routine that is commonplace and uses your new device resulting in new revenues for the company. Said company now invests some of these revenues into new products with the help of many of the same surgeons that teach or attend the courses and the cycle repeats thus allowing the patient to continually benefit from the latest advances. It is a nice synergy and seemingly everyone benefits. Continue reading