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iPads and Stanford Medical Students

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Suing Your Clinical Investigator


Correction to original post issued 10:35am ET 03/29/11

This may be a first.  A cardiovascular medical device company has sued one of their clinical investigators for defamation.The accusations appear to be centered around procedural errors/complications that are causative of the clinical complications found in the study. Continue reading

GPP Daily is Out: MDs on Twitter, Patients and SM and Pew’s Online Research

GPP News Daily

Take a look, tell us what you think and how we can make it a more relevant digital newspaper for you.


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Corrupt Conflicts or Successful Synergies? Are Patients Being Shortchanged?


Are conflicts of interest (COI) between industry and physicians inherently corrupt? Or, have these relationships been to the primary benefit of accelerating innovation and ensuring the best patient outcome? Have we moved from innocent until proven guilty to guilty under all circumstances with pharmaceutical or medical devices industry relationships with physicians?  Jonathan Sackier discusses this on the Doctor’s Channel. Continue reading

Why GPP? for Doctors and Sales Reps

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Jonathan Sackier, MD, is a Visiting Professor of Surgery at the University of Virginia. He discusses the regulatory environment in medicine in the US, as well as the Good Promotional Practices Alliance.

Video reproduced with permission from The Doctor’s Channel–a time-saving site of short one- to two-minute streaming video clips with insights and opinions from experts in 35 different specialties, as well as community and lifestyle features that help doctors stay on top of the latest news, ideas and information.

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