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Unsolicited Off-Label Discussion Permissible in Industry-Sponsored Speaker Programs


I was a bit gobsmacked when I read this post by John Flider at Hyman, Phelps, & McNamara.

Based on a recent legal case, he states,

“…a company pays a physician to provide an educational presentation to doctors, the manufacturer is subject to criminal prosecution if that physician affirmatively discusses the off-label use, but the same manufacturer will not be subject to prosecution Continue reading

3 iPad Summer Secrets for Sales: Beach, Boats and Kids


If you work in field sales, you are mobile and on the go. As such, you may work late at night on the computer, early in the morning in the OR and once in a while, take a few hours off for yourself in the middle of the day. Maybe you even take a summer vacation. However, you never disconnect from your customers. Here is how to stay in touch with three iPad (and iPhone) summer secrets for the beach, boating and kids that  your IT department and sales manager would never tell you. Continue reading

From Policy to Behavioral Change: 4 How-Tos from ex-AIG CCO


“Policies are not enough,” said Suzanne Rich Folsom, former Chief Compliance Officer for AIG, speaking at the recent Dow Jones Global Compliance Symposium .

Policies are only the very first step in an organizational culture that is truly compliant with regulatory requirements. If you want to protect your company, here are four insightful how-tos from Suzanne Rich Folsom and other @dj_gcs speakers to move your policies from paper documents to meaningful behavioral change: Continue reading

A-to-Z Sales Guide for Engaging Elusive Physicians


We are now in a new sales quarter; time to make something big happen. Plus, if you are at your yearly halfway mark, there is still time to hit that yearly bonus. You know there’s still time to build on your early successes, but where to begin? Here’s one idea in three easy steps:

The Idea: Go to your calendar now and give yourself three, 20-minute appointments for next week. You are going to use this time reflect on and re-energize your sales routine.

The Three Easy Steps Continue reading

3 Risk-Benefit Tips for DTC Websites from FDA Studies


Just recently, the FDA gave us a hint of how they are currently thinking about fair balance and risk information when using websites to advertise.

On April 28, 2011, the FDA proposed and requested comments on three studies to test different ways of presenting benefit and risk information in online direct-to-consumer (DTC) prescription drug websites.  While the comment period is now closed, here’s a summary: Continue reading