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7 GPP Stories from Social Media, week of 12/16/2011



We mine social media every week for the proverbial gold nuggets for pharmaceutical and medical device sales, marketing, legal, regulatory and compliance. This week was has GPP stories about iPads in healthcare marketing, settlements with DOJ for tens of millions, and a look into the future for social media and healthcare marketing. Busy week.

Here are our top 7 GPP stories, posted over the last week on our Facebook page or tweeted on our Twitter handle @GPPnews.

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Patient’s View on Actimmune CEO Sentence

Guest Author: Mike Henderson

What about the patients? That was my first thought when I read of Scott Harkonen’s sentencing  for misleading investors about InterMune’s drug Actimmune.

As CEO of biotechnology company InterMune, Harkonen published an outright lie, claiming that this drug “reduces mortality by 70% in patients with mild to moderate disease.” He did this after a Phase II clinical trial proved otherwise. He did it to drive up InterMune’s stock price, and it worked for a while. The company aggressively marketed this drug on an “off-label” basis through 2006. Continue reading

Suing Your Clinical Investigator


Correction to original post issued 10:35am ET 03/29/11

This may be a first.  A cardiovascular medical device company has sued one of their clinical investigators for defamation.The accusations appear to be centered around procedural errors/complications that are causative of the clinical complications found in the study. Continue reading

Four Riffs on Rivaroxaban vs. Warfarin


Ron Winslow on the WSJ Health Blog points out the interesting and slightly different interpretations of the very same clinical study presented yesterday at the  late-breaking sessions of the American Heart Association’s Scientific Meeting. Continue reading