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Mary Holloway has over twenty years of strategic experience on the commercial side of biopharmaceutical sales and marketing operations. She recently co-founded DMH BioPharm Advisors. Mary is a biopharmaceutical industry advocate who assists her clients in gaining commercial buy-in to their compliance initiatives and helps harmonize inherent tensions that may exist between sales/marketing and legal/compliance teams. She draws on her extensive experience in the Fortune 50 biopharmaceutical environment when devising strategies to maximize commercial performance while minimizing risk of litigation due to off-label promotion for DMH.

After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Communications, Mary began her career with Pfizer, Inc. as a field sales representative. In seven years, she rose to the prestigious position of Area Sales Director. Mary received some of the company’s highest awards in sales and sales management, and her performance afforded her the opportunity to participate in various headquarters commercial advisory boards and task forces.

During her tenure at Pfizer, Mary successfully launched 16 products. She has trained and led teams of over 100 sales representatives and managers with budgets exceeding $1 billion. Through these and other experiences, she gained a first-hand understanding of sales processes and broad therapeutic, disease state and marketplace knowledge in both primary care and specialty markets.

Mary has extensive experience collaborating with corporate commercial operations executives. She has worked closely with both in-house and external legal counsel on government investigations, and with the Department of Justice on off-label investigations regarding individuals and corporations. Mary understands the risks that individuals and corporations operating in today’s regulatory environment often face. She can pinpoint common risks and red flags, and how to avoid potential off-label violations. Mary has developed an astute commercial and personal perspective that allows her to provide a wide variety of practical, actionable and valuable solutions to augment her clients’ compliance programs.

Mary’s exceptional training and platform speaking skills make her a sought-after keynote speaker.  Most recently, Mary was selected to be a main podium speaker at the Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress. Her curriculum for effective and compliant training programs has proven to truly impact executive leadership teams and sales forces to which she speaks.  Mary has a certification in Healthcare Compliance from Seton Hall Law School.

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