GPP Guest Post Guidelines

Good Promotional Practices (GPP) is a forum for professional insight and cross-functional team discussion about the changing environment surrounding promotional, educational and scientific dissemination in biomedical industries. (About GPP). We welcome guest posts on our GPP blog to help expand shared knowledge and dialogue about issues we face in our business.

If you would like to submit a guest blog post for GPP, here are guidelines to consider:

  1. Share your expertise. We want to get learn from the areas of sales, marketing, regulatory compliance and the emerging space in between all of these. Consider what is changing, how your company or professional area is responding, what is challenging and what is working well. Please make sure you have the right to share any examples you may cite.
  2. Share your influences. You may have attended an event, viewed a podcast, or read an article that prompts your creative thinking. We welcome your post, as long as it is relevant to our blog. You should provide links to any source material and credit ideas of others appropriately.
  3. Be brief, specific and actionable. Be more specific than general in your guest post. Write a few short but powerful paragraphs where the reader can learn something they didn’t know about and get actionable takeaways. You aren’t teaching the topic; give the nuggets that are unique and link to more general information. Word count for GPP posts are in the 250-400 word range.
  4. Fast is better. Use links to add credibility or share a resource, but be judicious. And when you do link, make it to html pages rather than PDFs for faster loading per click.
  5. Write to be easily understood. Use a conversational tone. Lists, numbers, tips, practices: be specific and action oriented. Write in positive statements rather than “not” statements; positive statements are easier to understand. And if there is a “name” attached to your post topic, please include it (Harvard, Facebook, iPad).
  6. Structure your post. We welcome you to draft headlines and subheads; hyperlinks to external sources or sites; relevant images and accreditation, if necessary for your post. Otherwise, we may add an image that supports the topic.
  7. Tell us about you. Provide a brief author bio (see links to other GPP contributor bios, at left). We want to support your work and expect to link back to your professional site or blog, so please provide information we can verify.
  8. We edit everything. We reserve the right to edit and fact-check all guest posts that are provided to us. We have a style guide you can reference to help you create a post we can use. We will seek final author approval on any edits, except for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and image inclusion, prior to posting on our site. We prefer to publish original posts.
  9. Submitting your post. Please email your draft post as a Word doc. Include full links; you can include HTML markup, if feasible. Please send it to Maureen’s email.
  10. Publishing means something. Author approval grants GPP a license to be the exclusive publisher of that post. Extracts to the post may be used, but the post should appear in its entirety only on GPP. Authors receive credit, free post promotion and our collegial gratitude.
  11. Promote your post and keep the dialogue going. When your post is published, go ahead and promote it through social media and professional networks, as you would anything else you write. Visit frequently in the time following your post and respond to comments from other readers. We hope our readers will connect with you, and that you will bring new readers to GPP.

Thank you for considering guest posts on GPP. To submit a post for consideration or for other questions, contact Maureen Shaffer, editor.

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