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3 iPad Summer Secrets for Sales: Beach, Boats and Kids


If you work in field sales, you are mobile and on the go. As such, you may work late at night on the computer, early in the morning in the OR and once in a while, take a few hours off for yourself in the middle of the day. Maybe you even take a summer vacation. However, you never disconnect from your customers. Here is how to stay in touch with three iPad (and iPhone) summer secrets for the beach, boating and kids that  your IT department and sales manager would never tell you. Continue reading

Is the iPad Driving Laptop Extinction? [Survey]


In a recent survey, Silicon Alley Insider asked 855 iPad users which computing device they primarily use for “personal computing.” The #1 choice was the iPad at 37%–a full 10 percentage points ahead of laptops at the #2 position. The results were featured in the following SAI chart of the day: Continue reading

iPads and Stanford Medical Students

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Continue reading

5 Great iPad Apps for Field Sales Forces


Today Apple officially unveiled the long-awaited iPad 2, the successor to their unbelievably successful (15 million sold) tablet computer.  The iPad 2 upgrades the basic functions of the original model: it’s 9 times faster, thinner than an iPhone and will be compatible with the Verizon network– the most used by sales people. Additionally, the iPad 2 includes front and back facing cameras, which can also be used as a bar code scanner in many apps as well as video conference calling. Continue reading

70% of Hospitals to Deploy iPads in 2011

Author: Stacey Homan

It’s no surprise to those of us in Marketing that the iPad is rapidly making inroads within the medical community with 70% of hospitals planning on deploying iPads in their institutions in 2011.  Being able to carry around a small, lightweight, battery-operated computer which can access patient information quickly with instant-on is a natural fit for physicians and hospitals. Continue reading