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Stop Making Sense: Aggregate Spend Reporting

Guest Author: Jeff Gaus, Prolifiq

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I spent two days in Chicago at the Q1 Productions Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Sales & Marketing Compliance seminar; approximately 80 senior executives of the who’s who in life sciences regulatory compliance participated.

My biggest take away from the professional industry presentations has to do with Aggregate Spend Reporting. This Federal legislation, while well-intentioned and clearly designed to remove “commercial incentives” from influencing clinical decisions made by physicians and healthcare organizations, has created mind-boggling requirements on the entire life sciences industry.

The relationship between life sciences companies and healthcare providers is complex. Healthcare providers can simultaneously be development collaborators, agents, and customers. Continue reading

Are Digital and Multi-channel Marketing Different?

Guest Author: Jeff Gaus, Prolifiq

Originally published in PharmaPhorum
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Digital Pharma West – as the name implies – was all about digital media’s role in pharma. I was on one panel that specifically dealt with the question: “Are digital and multi-channel marketing now one and the same?” The definitive conclusion of the panelists: no. Digital is a toolset that underpins and supports all marketing efforts. Multi-channel marketing is about the right message, to the right person, at the right place at the right time. Digital appeals because it is cost-effective, allows “fail-fast” iterations, and is highly measurable.  Continue reading