About Good Promotional Practices

Good Promotional Practices (GPP) is a forum for professional insight and cross-functional team discussion about the changing environment surrounding promotional, educational and scientific dissemination in biomedical industries. This means we want to understand how to do it right (promote the best practices for ethical conduct) and avoid doing it wrong (sins of omission or commission) while focusing on medical devices, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies.

All of our regular bloggers are current or former industry professionals who want to do the right thing. Most have 20 years of industry experience. We believe that getting it wrong is more about the challenges caused by a lack of timely information — clear directions with “how-to” actions steps. We work to fill that gap. We are not naïve, though; we know some people choose poor practices because they seem easier or more effective. We may use those situations as examples, too.

We believe that ethical and responsible health care promotion has patients’ interests at the center of the discussion. We know that sharing information and best practices across sales, marketing, technology, regulatory, legal, and clinical areas of expertise benefits all of the other areas.

GPP provides a venue for shared experiences and in-the-moment decisions made by people who want to promote their products and solutions to the health care community while complying with applicable laws, codes of ethics, and accepted industry standards. Healthcare is changing and so is the scrutiny on all of us who work in this space.

Started in 2010, Good Promotional Practices is a forum to learn and share the best practices that lead to a balanced approach to sales, marketing and compliance in the medical device and pharma space.

Editorial Voice and Transparency

There is no compensation for regular or guest bloggers, with the exception of the editor, whose time is donated by Prolifiq Software. We provide an editorial review for grammar, punctuation, clarity and fact-checking. All bloggers retain final say about what is published. We are willing to publish comments, facilitate discussions, and even correct ourselves when necessary.


GPP is sponsored with both expertise and money by Prolifiq Software and Reprints Desk.


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