7 GPP Stories from Social Media, week of 12/9/2011


We’re mining social media every week for the proverbial gold nuggets for pharmaceutical and medical device sales, marketing, legal, regulatory and compliance. This week has GPP stories about the strategic explosion of iPads in health care, how Pfizer is changing medical grant giving, and how one new app is helping patients and family members understand heart arrhythmias.

Here are our top 7 GPP stories, posted over the last week on our Facebook page or tweeted on our Twitter handle @GPPnews.

7 GPP Stories from Social Media, week of 12/9/2011

  1. Think you’re hearing a lot of hype about iPads and medicine? Get ready. RT @healthissocial: The iPad’s other life: Medical device extraordinaire zite.to/sMTtmD #MDchat
  2. Then catch how it’s happening. RT @kburnsmd: RT @DanRPG: Apple’s Secret Plan to Steal Your Doctor’s Heart  zite.to/uDRZQa #hcsm #healthit #mhealth
  3. Get in line and provide a proposal for Pfizer’s medical education grants. From RT @mededama: Pfizer eliminates most unsolicited grants under #meded group reorganization  bit.ly/v8IU1q #pharma
  4. A cool, free app that can explain a complicated health condition. See RT @iMedicalApps: Pharma giant, Sanofi-Aventis, creates useful medical app for educating patients on heart arrhythmia  bit.ly/s2ts5V
  5. Getting people to play games is a great way to sell; look at Apple. So will it work for healthcare? RT @ozmosis: Agreed RT @ritters90: Nice Write Up – Did Boehringer Just Take a Page Out of Apple’s Playbook? bit.ly/w18GFu #hcsm
  6. Lower profit margins will drive new business models. MT @managersmag: Wake-up Call for Big Pharma Site requires free registration to see the entire article. bit.ly/shBhYY by @mckinsey
  7. Two of big Pharma’s top names take social marketing steps. RT @cornerstroke: Roche and Pfizer launch first official pharma Google+ pages ow.ly/7RZPj by @pmlivecom #hcsm #socpharm

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Image by Brooks Anden via Flickr

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