Top 9 Tweets @GPPnews 10/14/2011


Wondering how to tame the gushing fire hose of news on Twitter? Here’s my picks for top nine tweets over the last two weeks, featuring terrific content, how-tos and statistics from @GPPnews.

Top 9 @GPPnews Tweets as of Friday 10/14/2011

Best of Mobile and Apps

  • iPhone 4 vs 4S: Just the Numbers
    via @engadget

Best of Social Media

  • MT @larrytolpin: #SM No Longer Optional for Business – Sociability 52% of a Brand’s Reputation Today” via @Forbes
  • RT @pharmaguy: Are SM pioneers within pharma an endangered species? #DTCdigital
  • MT @spitzstrategy: Fragmentation is endemic: KPIs must change, as your brand dot com might get little traction, everyone on YouTube elsewhere @spitzstrategy
  • 81% think hospitals w strong #social media presence are “cutting edge” via @yougovus HT @nicolaziady #hcsm #hcmktg

Compliance, Fraud and Abuse

  • RT @tfoxlaw @FCPA: Anti-corruption compliance program survey report now available. Jeff Kaplan samples the data.
  • Implications for compliance: Sales forgets training after 120 days. Great preso on how to fix: via @rainselling

Physicians/HCPs and Patient Communications

  • Communicate much? Short and sweet digital infographic for health care communication. #hc stats HT @andrewspong
  • RT @ozmosis @PedSurgZn: #Surgeons using twitter for communication & education via @drsuparnadas #hcsm #HITsm #mdchat

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