Building an iPhone or iPad App? 10 Questions for Medical Marketers


“So You Want an App” was the title of a slide presented by Kevin Nalty, Consumer Product Director at Janssen at Digital Pharma East. Here are his top 10 considerations for medical marketers before investing in iPhone or iPad app development. iPad with CameraFive are specific to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, and five are smart tips gleaned from “Entrepreneur Magazine.”

Kevin’s “So You Want an App” Questions

  1. Is its goal beyond driving acquisition and persistence?
  2. Is there an unmet patient need?
  3. Is there a reason nobody else has done it?
  4. What’s the promotion plan?
  5. What’s the exit plan if there is minimal uptake?

And 5 lessons on deploying an app from “Entrepreneur Magazine“, restated:

  1. What message and content do you want to send?
  2. Who is your target audience and how will you drive loyalty?
  3. What you want your app to achieve? How will you measure it?
  4. On which device(s) will you deploy your app? iPhone and Android are all that matter. [Editor’s note: And iPad too!]
  5. Can you react quickly and be flexible?

These are good tips for any marketing plan, and crucial for investing in an iPhone, iPad and/or Android app that people will adopt, that will meet your objectives and will provide for sustainable growth for your business.

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