5 Pharma To-Dos with Examples for Managing Facebook “Comments On”


The last seven days were busy ones for pharmaceutical and medical device marketers. Facebook turned on comments for pharma disease awareness and patient pages. They still allow comment blocking for prescription product pages. The latter did not make top news, of course. A handful of pharma companies jumped off the Facebook ship, but most stayed on board. For more, Andrew Spong’s Rx Pharma has the best roundup. You can also follow Andrew’s insightful comments on twitter @andrewspong.

If you want to keep your non-product Facebook page up, here are five to-dos:

To-Do #1: Write a social media policy–who will respond to what, when and how. Train those responsible and communicate it broadly.

To-Do #2: Modify your Facebook page. State very clear terms of use regarding comment moderation.

Pfizer’s Terms and Conditions win the transparency award as they are displayed as their Facebook landing page.

Sanofi’s Facebook Term’s and Conditions also offer a great example but were clearly written by the lawyers:

Boehringer Ingelheim leads the way with clear and friendly language on their FB landing page:

To-Do #3: Modify your Facebook page again. State very clear terms of use regarding adverse event (AE) reporting (AER). BI and Sanofi include them in their comment moderation policies, but with FDA focused on AERs, it seems prudent to have a stand-alone Facebook page.

To-Do #4: Turn on a social media dashboard, like Radian6, SproutSocial or Jive Software to monitor commenting and adverse events with keywords. Have a human being read the Facebook wall posts every few hours and add to monitored keywords. If you want a full scan of all social media monitoring software, check out this lengthy LinkedIn discussion on enterprise social media monitoring.

To-Do #5: Rinse, repeat. Social media and Facebook will continue to evolve. Stay on top of things by periodically reading Jonathan Richman’s compilation of all pharma social media activities into a wiki. Great examples for medical device and biotechs too.

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