3 iPad Summer Secrets for Sales: Beach, Boats and Kids


If you work in field sales, you are mobile and on the go. As such, you may work late at night on the computer, early in the morning in the OR and once in a while, take a few hours off for yourself in the middle of the day. Maybe you even take a summer vacation. However, you never disconnect from your customers. Here is how to stay in touch with three iPad (and iPhone) summer secrets for the beach, boating and kids that  your IT department and sales manager would never tell you.

Summer iPad Sales Secrets: #1 Going to the Beach

    •  Your iPad fits in a gallon Ziploc: Protect your glass-covered electronics from scratch-creating sand by putting your iPad in a large Ziploc gallon freezer bag (iPad 1 fits perfectly; iPad 2 has more room) and your iPhone in a quart-size Ziploc. Squeeze out the air and seal them tightly.
    • Apple touchscreens work through Ziploc freezer bags: Leave your iPad and iPhone in the bag, turn the contrast up (settings/brightness/drag slider to the right) and email, google and IM to your heart’s content while protecting them from sand and water, especially since water can invalidate your AppleCare warranty.
    • Your iPad can overheat in direct sunlight: There are innumerable online reports of overheating iPads. One ten-minute stint writing on my porch in the direct sunlight was enough to trigger the temperature warning. A beach umbrella works nicely to prevent this. If you see this warning, you can also set your tightly Ziploc’ed iPad in your cooler on top–no icy submersion please.

Summer iPad Sales Secrets: #2 Boating and Fishing

    • Waterproof dry bags are available for iPads: While the Ziploc method is inexpensive and works for keeping out sand and light moisture, if you are on the water, invest the $100 and buy a Watershed dry bag. I loved this video where Sam dunks his new iPad in the ocean–brave man. And, you can use the touchscreen while your iPad is safely shielded from the salt water.
    • Power boats and glass screens don’t mix: For a power boat, add turbulence and possible throwing to the equation and invest in an Otterbox Defender or a Trident Kraken. Both are available for iPhones, iPads and most other smartphones.

Summer iPad (and iPhone) Sales Secrets: #3 Hanging with the Kids

  • Get an iPhone Woogie for the young ones: Woogie is a soft, 6-armed friend to iPhones. You know they are playing with it, so bite the bullet and plush it out.
  • Use the rugged power boat recommendations for iPads and kids: Particularly for kids with a strong throwing arm, great climbing skills and those still young enough to throw an impressive tantrum. Check out the Trident Kraken or Otterbox Defender available at the company’s sites above or on Amazon.com,  even if the iPad cases only come in black.

Your IT department will thank you for protecting your company iPad and iPhone from the little exploring hands coated with leftover lunch, mud and drool as well as your growing child’s strong pitching (or tantrum) throw. Keep your recreational activities on track with your iPad in tow while you stay in touch with customers, drive revenues and blow out your quota. Good selling!

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Disclaimer: Please exercise proper care and judgment when using your electronics. This blog and author are not responsible for any mishaps to you or your fine Apple products.

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