A-to-Z Sales Guide for Engaging Elusive Physicians


We are now in a new sales quarter; time to make something big happen. Plus, if you are at your yearly halfway mark, there is still time to hit that yearly bonus. You know there’s still time to build on your early successes, but where to begin? Here’s one idea in three easy steps:

The Idea: Go to your calendar now and give yourself three, 20-minute appointments for next week. You are going to use this time reflect on and re-energize your sales routine.

The Three Easy Steps

  1. Check out Jumpstarting Change: An A-to-Z Guide for Value-Added Sales in MedTech and Pharma.  Read through the 26 simply-stated, applicable tips for effective sales in the life science industry, write down your five favorite letters in the text of your next appointment, bookmark it as a “favorite,” then stop.
  2. For your next appointment, go back to this free GPP eBook. Jump to your favorite five letters conveniently noted in this appointment. Which suggestions look both fun and impactful? Fun, so you follow through and impactful so it is a good cash-flow-enhancing time spend. Map out one action you can take for each of the five letters that caught your imagination. Note that on your next 20 minute appointment with yourself then stop.
  3. The last of three appointments is obvious: do something new from your list. Put it in action. When you do, you may find that you have a new approach for:
  • How and when to communicate with customers, and through which channels.
  • How to optimize your human resources, from colleagues to customers, for more effective sales practices.
  • How to challenge the traditional role of a sales rep by becoming an “information concierge” to your customers.

Start with an hour next week and see what you come up with. Then drop us a comment or a Tweet so we know how you are doing.

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