2 Minutes to Win It (or Lose 50% of Video Viewers)


Did you know that only 75% will finish watching a one-minute video? And, by two minutes, 50% of your viewers have stopped watching.

Wistia mined the viewing data around the thousands of business videos they host in the cloud to discover this intriguing data and more. Here are some of their findings around viewership over time:

Video can effectively add a a human presence and voice to your company’s message, or make “how it works” instructions for products and services much more appealing and easy to understand. Just keep in mind that a toddler has a longer attention span than we do for business videos, so:

  • Get to the point in the first 10 seconds
  • Break longer videos into smaller, shorter ones. Consider making them a series.
  • Use video over PDFs for sales and physicians. At one medical device company, videos were viewed by physicians three times more frequently than they read PDFs.

How do you use video with your internal customers? Your external customers? Patients? What are your guidelines for length?

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