7 New Insights to Preventing Off-Label Sales Promotion


I was invited to present at a recent meeting of the AdvaMed Emerging Growth Company Council. My presentation on “Preventing Off-Label Sales Promotion” generated much interesting discussion. One passionate individual debated that sales people were not to blame and that they were simply at the receiving end of internal strategies and dictates. While studies support that corporate strategies were to blame in the past, lawyers think that is becoming more rare, especially in pharma.

View the slides of my presentation here and share your thoughts:

Key Questions

  • Do you think sales is simply an easy target for government investigators pursuing illegal off-label activity?
  • Or, do you think sales is still on the receiving end of bad direction? Is the same true in pharma and medical devices or is it different?

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2 responses to “7 New Insights to Preventing Off-Label Sales Promotion

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