Is the iPad Driving Laptop Extinction? [Survey]


In a recent survey, Silicon Alley Insider asked 855 iPad users which computing device they primarily use for “personal computing.” The #1 choice was the iPad at 37%–a full 10 percentage points ahead of laptops at the #2 position. The results were featured in the following SAI chart of the day:

This data seems to make sense; the iPad’s capabilities center around media consumption, web browsing and social networking. However, as other 2011 statistics denote, the iPad is also gaining huge momentum as a business tool. Companies worldwide are deploying iPads into their customer-facing workflows.

So what is the future of the iPad? Personal consumption device? Sales presentation device? The next generation of mobile computers? We would love to hear your feedback.

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2 responses to “Is the iPad Driving Laptop Extinction? [Survey]

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