3 Best Practices Webinars for Content Copy Review


Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are caught up in a new era of FDA/DOJ regulatory oversight and are now racing to develop comprehensive internal procedures for promotional material review and dissemination.  Sure, engaging in social media is the sexy new thing to do, but before your company can engage in social media, you need to have set policies and procedures in place to guide your organization in ALL promotional materials.  Then, you can adjust them to fit the specific needs of new, innovative marketing channels. Social media should not be seen as a stand-alone campaign, rather, it should be part of an integrated marketing program in which your brand’s Facebook page is just another mechanism(channel) to convey your message.  Without a solid foundation to produce and distribute all materials, your organization is left at risk to the detriment of your employees, customers,  shareholders and, most importantly, patients.

The bloggers at Good Promotional Practices have participated in three webinars regarding the creation of a Promotional Review Committee (PRC) and compliant content dissemination that may be helpful to you.

All offerings are provided free for now (registration is required) and provide in-depth information on how to set up and implement this committee at any organization.  If you are working on the creation of this committee in your current organization, they are worth a look.

The more we share and discuss, the more protected we will be and the better we will serve our patients.  Please feel free to comment here and discuss.

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