70% of Medical Companies Need Social Media Procedures


In December, Deloitte reported that 65% of Life Sciences company professionals use or plan to use social networking.  While the top-line statistics garnered a lot of attention, the following paragraph caught my eye:

Despite the potential risks that could be associated with online social networking, half (50 percent) of surveyed respondents who report they are responsible for managing risk related to online social networks, say their companies do not have a formal risk policy in place and 43 percent do not have procedures for managing adverse events [for social media].The report further stated:

Approximately 44 percent have an informal strategy for social networking that is not documented and/or fully supported by leadership, while 32 percent have no strategy at all.

In other words, 76% of these companies lack social media SOPs.

What struck me is how these numbers match up with our own findings.  During a recent RAPS webinar on content review strategies,  70% of pharma and medical device companies reported not having promotional review procedures for social media in place.

Additionally, 29% of participants stated they did not have consistent, cross-functional promotional content review for traditional materials.  While these companies undoubtedly have promotional review SOPs in place, the current enforcement climate demands more rigor than passing a sheet of paper (digital or physical) around for one-by-one signatures and redlines.

With all the hype regarding the (hopefully) upcoming FDA social media guidelines, there is a huge disconnect between the 65% who plan to use social media and the 30% who are prepared or preparing to use it with  proper review procedures in place.

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