Pfizer’s Simple Social Media Playbook

Author: Elsa Abruzzo

Even though the FDA seems to be a bit behind the times with much-needed guidance on this subject, others including Pfizer are taking it upon themselves to implement some self-regulation when it comes to social media, which makes a lot of sense.  You can find out more about Pfizer’s groundbreaking internal Social Media Playbook on virtually any blog related to the industry, including Fierce Pharma and BNET.  They even have a Media Flow Chart that maps out how to best respond to blog posts.  I loved the feature titled “Trolls!”  According to Kate Bird, Pfizer’s director of digital communications strategy, the Playbook is supplemental to their longer, more formal social media policy; it’s a quick user’s guide rather than a full-blown manual. The Playbook is more readable, and gives plenty of examples and tools to keep employees and upper management “on brand.”

You can access Kate’s interview with BlogWell.  Heck, learn from her directly and watch the video.

As for the Playbook itself, for now it is being distributed internally, and I have yet to find a link to it.  I will keep you posted, or if you have additional information please comment on this blog post.

I am sure there is plenty more to say on this topic, but I am out of time this week and would much rather hear from you, dear readers.

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