70% of Hospitals to Deploy iPads in 2011

Author: Stacey Homan

It’s no surprise to those of us in Marketing that the iPad is rapidly making inroads within the medical community with 70% of hospitals planning on deploying iPads in their institutions in 2011.  Being able to carry around a small, lightweight, battery-operated computer which can access patient information quickly with instant-on is a natural fit for physicians and hospitals.

Now healthcare professionals (HCPs) and hospitals along with physicians are taking the next step by exploring mobile health (mHealth) applications. Physicians are leading the charge with 63% of physicians currently using a healthcare application via a smartphone in their practice.  Physicians can use  apps at the point of care to:

What remains to be seen is how the FDA will respond to mHealth and associated technology, as well as security and privacy concerns regarding patient data.

Regardless, the healthcare community is swiftly advancing in field of mHealth.  Be prepared: in the upcoming months you may be hearing from your customers “is there an app for that?”

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