Physician Face Time? For a $50 Fee

Author:  Sean McCarthy

I heard something very interesting from a doctor friend of mine. Practices are getting cut on reimbursement.  More and more, they need to find ways to work more efficiently. See more patients in shorter time in order to keep up. So here’s what he heard of another colleague doing.

Imagine you call a doctor for an appointment to tell them about a new drug approval. The assistant tells you that you can have 30 minutes next week & the charge will be $50. You get a guaranteed time & undivided attention. The physician gets paid for their time which is ever more valuable in these times. Is this pay-to-play the reality in the new environment we are in? What if you don’t want to pay for the time?  Are you shut out?

Reps are charged to sign in to hospitals and gain access to the OR and other areas through Vendormate or Reptrax. If this isn’t already your reality then it will be soon. Make sure you carry a little extra cash on your next sales call and ask for the receipt.

Let us know if you’re seeing this happen already.

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