Sales Prevention Department

Author: Sean McCarthy

How many of you have a Sales Prevention Department at your company? They’re redundant, and they just stop you from doing your job, right? However, like it or not they are here to stay,  and the sooner we can all start working as cohesive unit the sooner we can get back to the job that we need to be doing. The DOJ is leveling fines against companies in record numbers, did you see the recent settlement for $422MM against a major drug company?

If we communicate with regulatory and marketing to understand what we can and cannot say and do, then we’ll all be better off. We’ll protect ourselves and our companies and avoid these uncomfortable investigations. Does your company have a diverse group working on approving materials that includes sales in the discussion? If not get a seat at the table and preferably get someone there that is in field daily. Someone from your sales advisory council that can communicate the daily challenges out there and how to address them to do the job at hand and, as always, cover the you know what.

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